WoW Secret Gold Guide Review – Does it Really Work?

Like many World of Warcraft players, I’ve struggled to make gold in WoW. That was until I picked up Hayden Hawke’s WoW Secret Gold Guide. This guide is fairly new guide to hit the market and you can tell because the tactics are up to date and current with the most recent release of the game. With any gold guide for Warcraft, there are certain questions which get asked about any guide. I’ll try to answer the most important ones in this guide.

First of all, every tactic/technique/farming/etc mentioned in the WoW Secret Gold Guide is 100% legit. There is absolutely nothing in this guide that would get Blizzard’s attention if you started doing it. There are many guides available (both free and pay) that advocate using shady methods to make gold quickly. Methods that could possibly get your account banned from WoW. Is it worth 1000 gold to lose everything you’ve done in World of Warcraft? For me, no. That’s a big reason I like this guide. I can go to any of the 232 pages and find a way to make gold without having to worry about my account getting banned.

Secondly, this is not a high-end characters only gold guide. The WoW Secret Gold Guide is designed so any level can find a way to make gold. Many guides require players to be level 50 or above before they can start making serious gold, but not this guide. If you’re just starting out, you can pick up this guide and find a few ways to make some gold while you’re leveling your toon. Now is your level 12 warrior going to be making 500 gold an hour right off the bat? Uh no. However, your level 12 warrior can find quite a few different ways to increase the amount of gold they are currently making to the point that getting a mount at level 30 is no longer a dream.

Finally, do the methods work and how easy are they to follow? The WoW Secret Gold Guide is full of gold making methods that not only work, but work efficiently. They also don’t require that you make a choice between making gold and leveling your character. You can easily do both with a solid build. In terms of how easy they are to follow, Hayden has provided map locations and coordinates for his gold making methods. For instance, if the method involves farming a certain herb to sell at the Auction House, Hayden provides a map as well as a path to follow to maximize your time farming that herb. In addition, he also provides a good idea of how much what you’ve just spent time farming should retail for at the AH. Keeping with the herb example, if you’ve gathered 5 stacks of herbs and the guide says they should sell for around 50 gold each, then you know you’ve got about 250 gold sitting in your bag. Now say you go to the AH and that herb is selling for 30 gold per stack. You can either cash out and get the 150 gold OR you can follow some of the tricks Hayden mentions and make sure you get closer to the 50 gold per stack if not more. Trust me, once you learn to work the AH to your advantage, you’ll get an “AH HA” moment when it comes to making gold in WoW.

Hayden’s information about the auction house as well as other forms of obtaining gold are top notch. I’ve spent money before on gold guides and maybe learned one or two ways to improve my gold making. With Hayden’s WoW Secret Gold Guide, I not only improved my gold making now, but I understand how to set my characters up for future gold farming success as well.

Keep in mind that the WoW Secret Gold Guide isn’t free. It costs $47, but compared to having a guide that either puts my WoW account at risk OR giving vital financial information to a gold selling website who may or may not actually give me gold in return, Hayden Hawke’s gold guide is well worth the investment. I no longer worry about how to make gold with any of my toons at any level. I know I can find an efficient and pretty easy way to get enough gold to have good gear for my toons and get my mount (and epic mount) as soon as I’m able to do so.

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I love WoW and the WoW Secret Gold Guide is my secret resource for making tons of gold in World of Warcraft.